The company values are something that drive us to ensure that our work continues to impress, with a strong team who all enjoy their work & are very conscientious of delivering a high quality finish, whilst maintaining a friendly helpful attitude.
— Dan Mackintosh

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We are very conscious that construction work can be harmful to the environment -- but there are a number of ways of reducing if not eliminating the damage as well as ensuring that your carbon footprint as well as your energy bills are kept to an absolute minimum in the years ahead.

Here are just some of the ways that Method stays eco-friendly and ensures that your project will make the most out of energy-efficient solutions that will guarantee to save you money going forward:

Energy saving - every house in England other than listed buildings will need an EPC rating, especially if you are planning to rent or sell a property. Also, a new build house will require a SAP rating. We are experienced in dealing with this and offer many ways in which you can bring your current property up to the desired rating. We also provide new ways of using less energy. This can be as simple as using a new light fitting which can provide the same amount of light as a 50 watt light but uses only 2 watts. Heating costs can also be kept to a minimum by ensuring that we take advantage of the latest energy-saving innovations, including the most efficient boilers currently on the market.

Insulation - there are various forms of insulation that boast green credentials, but most of the highly efficient PIR boards make up for what they lack in green credentials by reducing heat loss. There are also some more modern methods we use for flooring, where we can replace heavy concretes with new insulated systems.

Sustainability - all the timber we use on our projects will carry the trademarks (FSE or PECF) meaning that it is sourced responsibly. Timber-framed structures can also be insulated to the highest standards and we are very experienced in all types of timber erections.

Recycled materials - most of the lightweight thermal blocks used are made up of up to 80% recycled materials. A lot of the engineered boards such as OSB are designed to use up waste efficiently.  Also, we are not opposed to re-using roof tiles and slates.

Waste management – most building site waste is processed for recycling where it can be and we do our best to help by separating our waste on site. 

Aggregates - most aggregates are sourced locally wherever possible to reduce the use of HGV’s.